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Xclusive A List

The Xclusive Group needed a brochure and website to promote their Chauffeured Rolls Royce Phantom Service, their Luxury Motor Yacht Charter Service in Dubai and supporting holiday and air travel arm. The Write Copy created the 'A-List' Collection to act as a means to promote each separate operation under the one banner. The 'Luxury without Limit' concept allows upmarket clients to arrange their own bespoke holiday and travel arrangements. Please visit: www.xclusive-a-list.com



Ergocom - Ergonomic Solutions in tune with the Human Body - is an independent company developed and led by experienced occupational therapists and rehabilitation experts specialising in applied ergonomics.  The brief was to develop a brand identity and total marketing communications strategy to launch the company.  The Write Copy created the Ergocom name, developed the copy for the website and sales brochure as well as overseeing the creative progress delivering a total project management service.Please visit www.ergocom.co.uk


Chrysalis Family Wellbeing

Chrysalis helps parents tackle the challenges that family life brings. From newborns to teenagers, Chrysalis offer an expert support service on a personal basis but also to schools and businesses. The Write Copy's job was to explain in a brochure and on the website the various ways Chrysalis make this essential contribution. The tone of voice was gentle and understanding for personal clients then more instructive and direct for the schools and business market. Please visit www.chrysalisparenting.co.uk


PR Releases, Radio Scripts, Launch Itineraries, Brochure Copy:

The Write Copy has been part of the launch team of the Middlesex and Surrey Regions of www.business-scene.com
Business-scene is a business resource website for SMEs with help on a wide range of topics, including finance, training and networking. Apart from making a general contribution to the launch planning my task was to help in the promotion of the event to sponsors, exhibitors and delegates.


A Client's Viewpoint - Ergocom - Ergonomics in Tune with the Human Body

Following our introduction to you via the Surrey Chamber of Commerce, our first impression of you was how enthusiastic and skilled you were with your copywriting. Later we discovered that this was not only the case but also you had additional skills and expertise in branding, marketing and business strategy.

You took time to understand our business and our clients’ needs in order to help us put into less technical but “human” words what we knew we wished to say but had difficulty in saying it in an understandable and succinct manner.

We cannot thank you enough for helping us to develop our new company name. We particularly like the term using Ergocom’s triple ‘A’ service of Analysis –Assessment –Action that you suggested. We have had client feedback that the leaflet you helped us to produce provided them with the information they needed to prompt them to contact us for further information or to go ahead with using our services. What better marketing than that?


Maria and Roxarna - Ergocom Directors www.ergocom.co.uk



Creative Marketing

Marketing Communications

The Write Copy delivers effective freelance marketing communications. A background in advertising and sales promotion has developed a results driven ethos with a pragmatic, practical approach. This does not mean dull.  It means the budget has to make the biggest bang....

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Training Workshops

Business Coaching

Improving your business writing skills is money in the bank.  Developing structure, style and content of your writing will aid internal communications and decision making.  ‘Fast Track Your Business Writing Skills’ is available as an ebook and in a 52 chart workshop training format....

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Case Studies

A Client’s Viewpoint

Being freelance, I work directly with clients or through marketing agencies.   Projects can involve brand identity, writing website text and search engine articles rich in keywords or conventional company brochures and leaflets. The testimonials....

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