The Briefing Process

Stages in the Briefing Process

•    The process begins with the benefit of a client brief, over the phone, via email or at a face-to-face meeting.  The aim of the first briefing is to get to know the marketing objectives, to confirm the budget and establish the critical timings.

•    The Write Copy will prepare a communication proposal that may highlight a number of options involving classic advertising, sales promotion or direct marketing techniques as well as reviewing the role of digital media.

After the presentation, The Write Copy will prepare the text for the supporting media.  Ordinarily, the first draft would be discussed and any client changes noted.  Often a freelance graphic designer or a member of the client’s own design agency will be briefed to produce visuals.  The work will then be fine tuned for client approval, with discussions taking place between all parties to meet agreed deadlines.

The Value of Freelance Input



Think of The Write Copy as an extra resource translating your marketing plan into a dynamic creative strategy involving:

•    Communication strategy development
•    Writing engaging ‘call to action’ text
•    Project management and design liaison

The Write Copy will be a project-costed overhead.  Over 25 years of experience will be brought to bear on your marketing project.  The Write Copy contributes in both ‘thinking’ ‘planning’ and ‘doing’.  One of the benefits of working freelance is working with such a wide variety of business – big and small in widely differing markets.  The learning curve from each different campaign is keeps creative solutions fresh and inventive.

The Write Copy provides a central point for strategy, liaison and copywriting.  We also have our own network of suppliers comprising freelance graphic designers, printers, web design experts and SEO (search engine optimisation) and online marketeers.  Additionally we can add sound and vision specialists into the communication mix.  This may be of interest if we want to create corporate videos or ‘YouTube’ videos and mp3 recordings to add a new dimension to your website or use the option of ebooks to promote your company or its products.


A Client's Viewpoint - Orckid Design & Marketing

"On two high-pressure occasions, Steve made a real contribution in terms of both creative strategy and copywriting for a major international client. He helped against tight deadlines and played and important role as a member of our team."

Annette Binnion - Account Director - Orckid Design & Marketing

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