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Transform Your Communication Skills is a collaboration of 11 coaching professionals that will positively develop readers
speaking, writing and presenting talents in their working and personal lives. This book provides practical self-help
advice on a conversational level for easy understanding. It spans the common elements of communication, of public
speaking, of knowing how to prepare and deliver a presentation and how to dramatically improve personal writing skills.

There is something of value for everyone. The enduring benefits are to learn how to:
• Manage nerves when speaking in public to include giving a family wedding speech
• Create engaging presentations time after time
• Develop writing skills to produce clear and effective communications

Instead of one voice with one view, there are 11 specialists who share their knowledge and experience within these
pages. Contributions include NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, social media, online presentation techniques
and presentation skills from a company that use professional actors to work miracles with the nervous and
inexperienced. Each voice blends to create a diverse and dynamic body of knowledge.

Business Start-Up


How to prepare for business, avoid mistakes and succeed

"You can learn far more about starting a business from reading this book than from listening to any Government Minister."

Former MP Edward Davey . Minister forEnergy in the Recent Coalition.

Fact. Many new businesses fail in the first year. Success Before Start Up has been written to help non-business people be successful by preparing thoroughly for the challenge.

Success Before Start Up is not a hefty text book – it’s a ‘people’ book. It’s easy to read and unlike conventional business books, asks what type of business will suit the personality, experience and talents of the individual. It explains the most popular routes into business including, franchising, network marketing, online marketing, high street retail, freelancing, business and trade services. The book contains the invaluable input of 19 small businesses that operate in each of those sectors, and who share their experiences to help others.

You’d be amazed at the number of people who either choose the wrong business, or overestimate the demand for their product, or start on a shoestring, only to realise they haven’t got the financial buffer they need to cope with the unexpected, or they’ve forgotten to make a sufficient personal provision to keep themselves going until the business turns a profit.

Success Before Start Up takes the reader through the 3 Steps to Start-Up. The first gets you thinking about the most important factor of all – The Human Factor. What kind of business are you cut out for and what do you want to achieve? The second step examines the Marketing Factor and Financial Factor. The last pulls all these elements together in The Planning Factor to help write a first business plan.

Edward Davey MP was the special guest at the book launch.


Fast Track Your Business Writing Skills





Fast Track Your Business Writing Skills - The eBook

The ebook and chart presentation begins with exploring the challenge of business writing and importance to both the individual and business organisation.  ‘Purpose’, ‘Clarity’ and ‘Brevity’ are the keywords in making writing an effective business tool.  The writer has to be clearly understood to allow colleagues to make decisions and take appropriate action without confusion.

Learning how to prepare your writing is the second section of the ebook and workshop. Tips are given and templates provided to writers take that first step of filling an empty page for both digital and conventional media.  Importantly, before the first word is written there is guidance on how to address your audience.  

The main part of the ebook and chart workshop concerns writing reports, marketing proposals, emails, business blogs and writing articles for the company intranet. There’s a punctuation, spelling and grammar section at the back of the ebook as well.

The ebook and workshop charts are available to download from

Fast Track Your Business Writing Skills - The Workshop Teaching Charts



Creative Marketing

Marketing Communications

The Write Copy delivers effective freelance marketing communications. A background in advertising and sales promotion has developed a results driven ethos with a pragmatic, practical approach. This does not mean dull.  It means the budget has to make the biggest bang....

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Training Workshops

Business Coaching

Improving your business writing skills is money in the bank.  Developing structure, style and content of your writing will aid internal communications and decision making.  ‘Fast Track Your Business Writing Skills’ is available as an ebook and in a 52 chart workshop training format....

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Case Studies

A Client’s Viewpoint

Being freelance, I work directly with clients or through marketing agencies.   Projects can involve brand identity, writing website text and search engine articles rich in keywords or conventional company brochures and leaflets. The testimonials....

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